Sloth Coloring Book Tile and Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sloth Coloring Book Tile and Salt and Pepper Shakers

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This is bisqueware meaning it is clay that has already been fired one time and is waiting for you to add the color (underglaze paints).  Each individual pottery piece will come with 2- 2 oz. and 1-1oz. underglaze paints (you can make your requests in the "notes" at checkout).  Once your pottery is painted by you, you can return your pottery to ALL FIRED UP! Medina and we will fire your pottery making it shiny and food safe at no additional cost.  Your paint to go kit will also come with instructions and tips. It is important to know that NO outside paints or markers can be used on your pottery as we will not be able to fire them then.   


    Each pottery piece comes with 2 - 2oz. paints and 1- 1oz. paint.  Your color requests can be made in the "notes" at checkout. For example, if your purchase includes 2 pottery items, you can select 4 - 2oz. colors and 2 - 1oz. colors.  (light blue, dark green, pink, etc..) Any area you do not paint will end up being a shiny white so there is no need to paint white. If you need to purchase additional paints, that is a separate inventory item to select and is $3 per 2 oz.


    Once your pottery has been painted, it cannot be returned nor refunded.  If you damage your pottery it cannot be returned or exchanged. We are not able to fire pottery that has any paints that were not included in the paint to go kit nor markers on them.  This is due to the fact that outside paints will damage our kilns, your pottery, and possibly damage someone else's pottery. If you paint with outside paints, we cannot offer a return or refund.


    Your package will be delivered via USPS.  If you live outside of Ohio, please call the studio @ 330-723-1112.

    If you are purchasing just gift cards, we will mail that to you at no additional charge.